Working Time 2018

Our interactive calendar can be used to calculate a number of working (business) days and working hours in 2018 year. The calendar is color-coded, i.e. the number of working hours in a day is specified by its color. Any date can be marked as working/non-working simply by clicking. The amount of working time assigned to a color can be adjusted with the select boxes shown below the calendar table.

The cumulative working time for consecutive months and quarters are shown on the right. If you are not United States citizen or just do not want Federal Holidays to be counted as non-working days, please, use the "Non-working holidays" button shown below the table.

Working time in the following years

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How to use the working time calendar?

  • Each date in the calendar has a specified color which denotes a number of working hours. Non-working days are marked with orange color.
  • By clicking on a date you can alternate between working and non-working states (colors).
  • If the amount of working time varies from day to day the differences can be marked with different colors: blue, purple and gray.
  • The number of working hours assigned to a color can be set using the select box to the right of the color. The current active color can be changed by clicking on a chosen color.

If you want to access your custom calendar later, please, get a unique link by clicking on "Get link to the calendar" button. The link can be shared with your family, friends or colleagues. Each time you alter the calendar a new link has to be generated to the updated version.

What if my Fiscal Year does not start on January 1st?

You can easily specify the start and end dates of the calendar by using the "Start date" and "End date" input boxes above the calendar table. You can also specify the number of working hours per day category. Combined with the previous, it at allows to adjust the working days calendar to your specific needs.